Barbara Francis
Barbara Francis

Getting to know Barbara

Barbara’s speaking and writing style is warm, thought-provoking, and engaging. With humor and practical insights, she invites both audiences and readers alike to dare to draw nearer to God.  She often hears, “I felt like you were talking just to me!” She loves to communicate with people who are still searching for a meaningful relationship with God. For the first twenty years of her life Jesus was nothing more than a swear word to her. Having lived a life far from God, she has the ability to connect with others who find themselves in a similar place.

Video "Praying in the Dark" in February 2013
at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

Read the May 6, 2008 article "Can your faith survive a terrible loss" at

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Audio Interview:
How Friends Help After a Death
 Interview with Barbara Francis and Betsy Bottino Arenella from

A sampling of Barbara’s RETREAT SERIES, each including 3 or 4 talks to be determined by the retreat planners and Barbara:

  • Embraced by His Love
  • Seekers of His Heart
  • A Fresh Encounter with God
  • Following Him When I Can't See the End of the Road
  • Avenue to Intimacy
  • Unexpected Turns: Leaning into the Losses of Life
  • Invitation to Eavesdrop: Finding Yourself in the Psalms
  • Private Conversations: Reflections on the Prayer Life of Jesus
  • Walking Wisdom's Way
  • Portraits of Perseverance

A sampling of Barbara’s INDIVIDUAL TALKS which could be included in an event series or used for a single speaking event:

  • Coming to Grips with God' Love
  • Daring to Draw Near (Isaiah 6)
  • Taking Stock
  • Deeper Still
  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter (Psalms)
  • Anna: A Life God's Blesses
  • The Cultivation of a Sensitive Heart (Mary of Bethany)
  • It is Never Too Late to Say Thanks
  • Uncommon Love (Mary, His mother)
  • Why Did Jesus Die?
  • Helpless but Not Hopeless (the bleeding woman)
  • Why Read the Bible?
  • Staying Close in Troubled Times (Psalm 77)
    And many more...

A sampling of TALKS suitable for people who are on a journey to God:

  • More than a Manger
  • Another Look at Christmas
  • Empty Packages
  • Disturbed Roots
  • The Guilt Game: Are There Any Winners?
  • Solving the Emotional Puzzle
  • Love of Another Kind
  • Intimate Friendship in an Age of Distance

A sampling of EVENTS where Barbara has spoken:

  • Women's Luncheon, National Conference for the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • National Youth Conference for the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Women's Conference, Tuscarora, Pennsylvania
  • Cornerstone Church Women's Conference, Mount Hermon, California
  • Northern California Methodist Women's Conference
  • Crystal Evangelical Free Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • North Central District Women's Retreat for the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • East Asia: Training and encouraging of spiritual leaders
  • Central America: Private retreat with key leaders
  • Spain: Week-long spiritual refreshment for the Campus Crusade for Christ staff in Western Europe
  • France: College classrooms, two churches, week of encouraging the Campus Crusade for Christ staff in the region
  • Greece: Keynote speaker at week-long training event for the 2000 Olympics in Athens

Barbara charges no fee for speaking, but you would be asked to pay for expenses such as travel, lodging, meals and materials for your presentation.

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