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Grace and Guts - What it Takes to Forgive

Why read another book on forgiveness?

This is not a dry and boring approach to a time-worn topic. The reader will be pleasantly surprised by the contemporary, conversational style of Grace & Guts and by the honest manner in which the author contends with the issues surrounding forgiveness.

The book uniquely unpacks the two sides of forgiveness-embracing it and extending it-through real-life narratives, creative paraphrases of biblical stories dealing with forgiveness, and a spot-on use of principles from the word of God.

Grace & Guts helps us delve into the dark places of unforgiveness that reside within all of us and then points a hopeful finger toward the way out.

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Unexpected Turns: Leaning into the Losses of Life

Journey with Barbara Francis through the loss of her best friend in a tragic accident, through the ensuing ransacking of her faith, and into her eventual trip toward healing. As the drama unfolds in Barbara’s characteristic no-nonsense, honest style, you’ll find yourself drawn in and led to a place of unexpected hope and resolution.

Recognizing that loss, unfortunately, comes in many forms, Barbara wisely defines loss as anything that makes us say, “Oh no, not this!” Thus, this small hardbound, three-chapter book resonates thoroughly but gently with anyone in the throes of pain and grief, whatever the source. Written with real sensitivity toward the reader, it can be given confidently to any hurting people you know, no matter where they may be in their spiritual journeys.  An unusual feature of Unexpected Turns is the opportunity for readers to be actively involved in personal application to their own lives while reading, with thought-provoking questions and journaling components in every chapter.

Unexpected Turns is reasonably priced for gift-giving, with discounted shipping charges for orders of multiple books. Buy one for yourself, and get copies for the many people in your life with wounds and bruises. They will thank you for it.

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All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Cru.

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Following Him When I Can't See the End of the Road

In Barbara's first book, she tracks the lives of ten women from the Old and New Testament who followed the Lord to places not of their choosing, only to end up closer to his heart because they followed him.

Many of the issues we face in life today are addressed in Following Him: how to remain courageous in trying circumstances, how to be assured of forgiveness even when we’ve made some terrible mistakes, and how to take our relationship with God to a deeper place. You’ll find the biblical lessons pertinent and captivating, and Barbara’s personal stories both amusing and touching. This is a book of interaction between you and the author, with frequent stops in the middle of chapters for pondering personal questions and making immediate applications to your own life. Each chapter ends with an opportunity to worship around the topic just covered. You’ll want to have several copies of this unique, inspiring softcover book on hand to give as gifts to your family and friends.


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All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Cru

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Book cost is $12 plus shipping and handling.

Bible Studies

“Following Him When I Can’t See the End of the Road:
A Personal Study Guide”

Following Him When I Can’t See the End of the Road: A Personal Study Guide goes hand-in-hand with Barbara’s book of the same title. The 12-week guide is a practical study of the ten women Barbara looks at in her book. It is filled with inspiring quotes and biblical passages, making these ancient women come alive with modern-day applications.

“An Invitation to Eavesdrop:
Finding Yourself in the Psalms”

An Invitation to Eavesdrop is a 12-week topical Bible study of the Psalms, perfect for individual or group study. Each week, three related Psalms are examined with an eye toward personal application in a particular arena of life. A sampling of the weekly topics includes “Huddled Under His Hand”, “Clinging”, “Pursuing Purity”, and “The Fear Factor”. This study will take you to new places of honesty in your relationship with the Lord.

“Private Conversations:
Reflections on the Prayer Life of Jesus”

Private Conversations is an 8-week Bible study on the prayer life of Jesus. It is not a study on what Jesus taught on prayer but a look at all the times he actually prayed. Your own prayer life will deepen and grow more intimate through listening in on the Lord’s prayers.

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Following Him Bible Study Invitation Bibile Study Private Conversations Bible Study

For information on ordering Bible studies, please contact Barbara at  Bible studies are $12 plus shipping and handling.

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