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Following Him

Following Him When I Can't See the End of the Road

Excerpt from Chapter 5: Avenue to Love – A Walk with Mary the Mother of Jesus

"What God did in Mary’s life he wants to do in yours and mine.  Imagine that!  Oh sure, the details of our stories will vary.  But what keeps me going and encouraged in the journey is knowing that he is not finished with me yet.  That’s why we follow him, even when we can’t see the end of the road.  Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  He is committed to helping me grow up in Jesus, and he won’t give up on me.  He has promised he won’t give up on you either.

I like how A.W. Tozer puts it in The Pursuit of God:

He has no favorites within His household.  All He has ever done for any of His children He will do for all of His children.  The difference lies not with God but with us.”

Excerpt from Chapter 8: Avenue to Wisdom – A Walk with Abigail

"The biblical woman who will lead us down the Avenue to Wisdom knew God intimately, loved him passionately, and followed him wholeheartedly in what you will see was a very difficult situation.  Abigail truly lived life against a grindstone and came away polished instead of being chewed up.  The Bible text we will consider describes her as “an intelligent and beautiful woman.”  But all was not well in her world.  She shared her home with a husband whose cruelty and foolishness were well-known throughout the region.  Although neither her culture nor her husband held her in high regard, she consistently demonstrated tact, skill, and wisdom.  I like thinking of this story as the biblical version of Beauty and the Beast.  Abigail is the beauty in both form and character from the beginning to the end, and her husband is the beast:  mean, selfish, and unkind."

Excerpt from Chapter 9: Avenue to Transformation: A Walk with Rahab

"I love transformations.  Some of my favorite magazine articles are the ones that show before-and-after pictures of a complete make-over.  Many times it’s hard to believe it is the same individual!  It is incredible how a change in haircut and color, makeup and clothing can so alter a person’s appearance. But it’s even more awesome when a person’s whole life is transformed not with hairspray and hot rollers but by following the God of the Bible.
Rahab was a most unlikely candidate for transformation.  She was the kind of woman who dressed in revealing clothing, wore too much makeup, and hung around the bars.  People whispered about her, avoided her like the plague, and thanked God they were not like her.  But she couldn’t have cared less.  She had a good business in the town of Jericho.  Prostitutes always do well in a big city.  At the moment we meet Rahab, she didn’t know it, but her life was about to change dramatically."

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